Every Minute 842 Windows 8 License is Selling by Microsoft

Windows 8 face lots of comments and mixed opinions after its launch. Microsoft has announced that since its release one month ago it has sold about 40 million license of Windows 8. In terms of upgrades, Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7’s first month. You could jump over the next version of Windows for just $40 and be sure that your system would remain up to date for that. It’s true that 842 licenses are selling by Microsoft in every minute but we don’t know how many of those 842 licenses are actually installed. May be many of those licenses are still in retailer’s shelves.

Well it is not difficult to find out how Microsoft sold about 40 million licenses since the day it was launched because the company knows how everything has to be done when it comes to a successful platform launch. According to the sources, Windows 8 is available on its day of launch with every new PC’s shipping and the users have choice to Install Windows 8 on its launch day as well.

The company didn’t stop users to install Windows 8 as an excuse to upgrade its hardware and hopefully this is the reason which in turn encourages the users to recommend the upgrades to others. Number of licenses sold shows that Windows 8 is not completely flop and it has been rather successful. Actually without any information from Microsoft we don’t say anything about why Windows 8 has been a success.

Overall launch like Windows 8 go a long way towards encouraging the users to use it or upgrade their OS. This is important for Microsoft to focus more on convincing users about the Windows 8 that it is the future and it seems to be a difficult task for them.

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